Congregation Beth Aaron: Who We Are

Congregation Beth Aaron is a place where members — adults and children alike — join together in Jewish community.  We come together to pray in a meaningful way, to learn and celebrate the history and traditions of Judaism, and to reach out to those in the world outside our walls. Ours is a kind and nurturing community where members genuinely care about one another.  This is reflected both at special times, when we celebrate simchas and mourn losses, and in our everyday connections with each other.  We promote a lifelong connection to Judaism through our congregational programs and those available through the Reform movement.

A Community Open to All Jews & Their Families, and those seeking a Jewish Spiritual Path

Beth Aaron is a community committed to egalitarianism.  We offer equal participation and status for all Jews, including men and women, those in interfaith families, those of all sexual orientations, and any who have been marginalized in Jewish life in the past.  We strive to be accessible to people with disabilities.  There is a place for those at all ages and stages of life.  Beth Aaron is affiliated with the Reform movement.  As the only synagogue serving Eastern Montana and northern Wyoming, we welcome Jews of varying backgrounds, beliefs, and practices.

Reaching Out Beyond Our Temple Walls

Beth Aaron is a community involved in g’millut chasadim (acts of loving-kindness), including an annual food drive and support of the Interfaith Hospitality Network.   We are deeply committed to interfaith dialogue, acknowledging that differing religious traditions offer access to God.