A Caring Community

Beth Aaron members form a close community and are devoted to caring for one another. Our Mitzvah To Go committee provides support to members at time of loss, illness and death and reaches out to homebound congregants.

The Interfaith Hospitality Network

The Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) provides housing for homeless families in local places of worship.  Beth Aaron assists in this important work by providing meals and support volunteers.  By participating in tikkun olam, repairing the world, our adult and youth members help Beth Aaron take its place in the interfaith community and teach the value of performing mitzvot.

Montana Association of Jewish Communities (MAJCO)

Beth Aaron is an active member of MAJCO, an umbrella organization that unifies Jewish communities across the length and breadth of the great State of Montana. Through MAJCO, we keep in touch and provide cultural, religious, and social opportunities.  Events include an annual Shabbaton, where Jews from the State gather to pray, learn and celebrate. We also participate in the annual menorah lighting in the Capitol building in Helena.

Interfaith programs

The congregation encourages participation in Martin Luther King Day and Not In My Town events, which promote equality among all races, religions, and persuasions.

Congregation Beth Aaron values being part of the larger Billings religious community and working together on issues of mutual concern.